Madeleine Mushinga, Democratic Republic of Congo

"I have given birth to ten children and two of them have died. In my situation it’s very difficult for me to access family planning services because they cost money that I cannot afford to pay. That is why I’ve found myself in this situation of having so many children, without being able to wait enough time between each birth."

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"Our children don’t have enough food to eat. They don’t have enough water to drink. We don’t have enough money to pay for school. We don’t have money to pay for rent. We can’t even clothe our children properly."

"We have many difficulties. So it’s very important for us to be able to properly space our births, and to decrease the number of children we have – so that we can find a way to better take care of our children. So if there were a service to help us better space out our children, and reduce the number of children we are giving birth to – this would help us to better raise the children we have."

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Give girls power
222 million women in developing countries who want it don’t have access to contraceptives.

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By helping to raise awareness of this vital issue you can help ensure women and girls across the world have the same power to decide if and when to have children.